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Personality traits of the Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius ladies are very popular, and have lots of friends, many of whom they have known for years. They are sincere, dependable and they make excellent friends, gifted with a huge skill set, there isn't much that they are not capable of achieving.

Sagittarian women are excellent communicators and negotiators. They stand strong, with an authoritative approach towards all situations. These qualities are highly regarded in business; many Sagittarius women take up high managerial positions or become directors of their own companies. They are very responsible, hard-working and determined. They guard their positions very tightly, making themselves a total credit to their employers who will often regard them as being indispensable.

Sagittarius women have more faith in themselves than the other sun signs. This inner-belief helps them to rise above the opinions and negativity of others, and puts them in a league of their own. Women from this sign can appear to be impatient and irritable, these are traits which spur them on through life. Sagittarius women can become quite depressed if they lose control over things. Therefore, it's important for them to find a partner who can understand this and has the ability to support them through tough times.

Sagittarian women make excellent Mothers as they are really encouraging and inspire their children with confidence. Kids respond well to them as they make learning seem very exciting and fun. Women from this sign have a good connection with children which is half of the battle when it comes to raising them appropriately. Kids with Mothers from this sign are usually very well mannered, confident, enthusiastic, clever and responsive.

The Sagittarius female enjoys the companionship of a loving, steady partner. It may take them a while to find the right person as they need somebody on their level, someone who they consider as their equal. Sagittarius women are trustworthy but they do have a lot of people in their lives, be it friends or family, who they also regard highly. Women from this sign are actually very amusing characters, their humour is dry and perhaps a little facetious at times, but very entertaining all the same!

Single Sagittarius ladies share high levels of compatibility with some of the other signs of the zodiac, the most compatible signs being Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra. These particular zodiac signs compliment them very well.

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Personality traits of the Sagittarius Woman
Personality traits of the Sagittarius Woman