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Personality traits of the Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius males are optimistic and manage to see the good in all situations. These males are sincere and frank, so what you see is what you get. Sagittarian men are powerful, skilled, and fascinating. They are excellent communicators who present themselves in a smart, bold and professional manner which impresses almost anyone they meet.

Sagittarius males are intelligent and very hard working. They are suited to many career paths where they can put their skills and qualities to suitable use. They have a competitive edge and welcome a challenge from time to time. They are natural leaders who are capable of taking on great responsibility with ease, as they are brave enough to make major decisions, and sure enough of themselves to lead others. Medical, veterinary, musical, military, and engineering lines are particularly suited to Sagittarians.

It can be hard for others to understand their free nature and their desire to socialize as much as they do. Sagittarius are indeed friendly individuals who are very popular with their friends and families. They are compatible with other fire signs who understand their social side as friends are just as important to them. Earth and water signs may struggle to keep the pace up with Sagittarius and will need to understand their outgoing personalities if they are going to settle into a relationship with them.

Sagittarius males make great partners as they are exciting and fun to be around. They take relationships seriously although they may not always appear to! They can come across as being relaxed about things but this is because they are happy, positive characters. The kind words of a supportive partner, who understands them well, will really help at times like these. When it comes to relationships, Sagittarians can be a little brusque especially when others disagree or are unable to keep up with them. They do not usually offend or hurt anyone's feelings intentionally as they are far too diplomatic.

Sagittarius men hate the feeling of boredom, they like to be on the go, doing something different. They rarely sit for long doing nothing at all and they avoid falling into a life that involves the same old routine.

Men from this sun sign make very good Fathers as they are so much fun! They have great humour which coupled with their intelligence, really helps them to interact well with their children and guide them in the right direction. They should however, try to avoid being too stern and to not expect too much from them. Overall though, their relationship with their kids is very strong and they teach them very well indeed!

To summarise the characteristics and personality traits of a Sagittarius male, it would be fair to say that he is appealing in many ways as he is hard-working, courageous, inspiring, fun, smart, powerful, generous, impressionable, energetic, passionate and caring. It is important to remember that a Sagittarius man knows his own mind and can be a little direct at times.

Single Sagittarius males share high levels of cosmic compatibility with some of the other signs of the zodiac. They are most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra. They can usually create an ideal love match with one of these signs.

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Personality traits of the Sagittarius Man
Personality traits of the Sagittarius Man