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Scorpio personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Scorpio

Scorpio dates: (23 October – 21 November)

Traits of the Scorpio Woman Traits of the Scorpio Man

Scorpio music: Scorpio Rising, by Death in Vegas

This beautifully constructed collection of tributes to psychedelia and krautrock has many guests and is as gutsy ad the sun sign it represents.

Looking at the power, and passion of the Scorpio, one would be forgiven that they were a fire sign. In fact Scorpio is a water sign. What gives the impression of heat, is the sting in the tale that Scorpios can give. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of war and destruction, this translates as the Scorpio being both enticing, and controlling. Scorpios know what they want, and will work hard to get it.

The fiercest sign of the zodiac, Scorpios approach their goals and passions with relentless dedication. They love as if their life depends upon it. Others may see Scorpio as stand offish and reserved, Scorpios take their time opening up to people. The quiet intensity of the Scorpio is a force of nature and blessed are those enfolded in their care.

Scorpio personality traits

  • intelligent
  • insightful
  • but suspicious

The Scorpio parent

The child of a Scorpio is blessed because their Scorpio mother or father will have unparalleled empathy, love, and commitment to their offspring. They are affectionate and playful parents, and all forgiving of any lapses that their child has. The Scorpio uses their intuitive side to see problems before they can occur, and will be the first to find lost children.

The Scorpio friendship

The Scorpio needs to feel that they can trust their friends, so friendships develop slowly. But when you win their trust you will be impressed a strong and affectionate commitment that will benefit all those in their friendship group. Just don't cross them, or the legendary sting will appear.

The Scorpio lover

Scorpios are the most sexually charge of all of the sun signs. The Scorpio craves intimacy and affection from their loved one. Yes they can be controlling, but they are also very enticing. Emotional closeness is essential and they are loyal and faithful partners but must never feel betrayed or they will walk away and never look back.

The sun signs compatible with Scorpio

The most dedicated of lovers, the Scorpio intensity in matters of the heart means that Cancer and Pisces embrace the Scorpio energy. But it is Leo that makes for the most intense pairing for Scorpio, because the fierce loyalty of both will lead to an incandescent love.

Scorpio – not for the fickle.

Scorpio horoscope
Scorpio personality traits and characteristics
Scorpio personality traits and characteristics