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Oct 23 - Nov 21


Scorpio: Today brings an opportunity to experience the joy of aiding others, a truly uplifting and meaningful act. There's a unique satisfaction in extending a helping hand to those in need, for it not only benefits them but also reminds us of our own blessings. True fortune lies not in material wealth, but in the capacity to dedicate our time and resources to support others. A request for assistance may come your way, and the choice to lend a hand rests with you. Embrace this chance to give, as it holds the power to amplify your happiness and create positive ripples in your own life. In matters of love and work, unforeseen developments may arise, presenting new pathways to explore and ignite the spark of inspiration. Embrace these opportunities with an open heart, and let today's actions shape a brighter future.

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Daily Affirmation

I am resilient, and I bounce back from challenges stronger than before.

Scorpio's discussion

Cool I love being a Scorpio

1 year ago

Wish, give your sister time to calm down. Then talk to her and apologise for being rude. Sisters are often rude to each other so there is another reason she is mad. She has a problem or an issue and you need to listen to her, really listen to her. If you love her, then tell her so. If you are proud of her, then let her know. Speak your truth quietly and clearly.

2 years ago

My sis is not talking to mee cuz i was rude to her

> Wish 2 years ago

Pls I'm i beautiful

2 years ago

This is about me :)...Anything for a peaceful life could be seen as your motto.

> Bebe 2 years ago

Excellent advise Great Zodiac, I will apply in my daily life.

> sophie 2 years ago

was very reluctant to follow the advice given but thought what the heck might as well follow it and it has made my life easier so thank you for that

2 years ago

Did you know?

Blind people are four times more likely to have nightmares than sighted people.

Scorpio daily horoscope
Scorpio daily horoscope

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Three doctors said that Billy was their brother. Billy says he has no brothers. How many brothers does Billy reall have?

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None. He has three sisters.

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