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Chance to WIN a free beautiful Birth Chart with 40 pages of premium horoscope report!

Here at Sun Signs we are giving you a chance to win a beautiful Birth Chart with 40 pages of premium horoscope. This is a valuable offer, you can see the prices you would have to pay for such a professional and high quality chart here:

How to win the Birth Chart

At Sun Signs we will award the prize to the best comment made in the discussion part under any of the day's horoscopes. Entries will close on 09 December 2024.

To be considered your comments will need to be interesting: either witty, thought provoking, or entertaining.

IMPORTANT: To be able to deliver the price to the right person, and identify your comments we need you to follow these rules:

  1. During the competition use the same nickname.
  2. Put your email address in after your first comment so that we can contact you, example below:
    Printscreen of a comment from the page
    Very first comment example
  3. You don’t need to repeat the email in further comments, we accept only the first email to the original nickname.
  4. Should someone else have used your nickname before you, you will have to use another nickname and then add your email to the text of a comment.
  5. If you use the same nickname as someone else your comments will be counted as that person.
  6. If you find out you made a misspelling in the email, please just post the comment with an email again.
  7. There is no limit to the number of comments that one may write, and should there be a tie in the best comments decision we will award the prize to the commenter who has made the most comments.

The winner will be announced 10. 12. 2024.

The Birth Chart will be sent as digital artwork and will be dispatched to you on 10. 12. 2024. Our sponsor for this prize is

Good luck with comments!

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