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May 21 - Jun 20


Gemini: Productivity isn't about being busy; it's about achieving results and making progress. Today's universal energy creates an environment conducive to efficiency. It's an optimal day to tackle pending tasks, strategize for the future, and streamline your efforts for maximum impact. Are you stuck in busywork or are you effectively moving towards your goals? Now is the time to assess your productivity levels, to eliminate distractions, and to focus on tasks that bring you closer to your objectives. Productivity goes hand in hand with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. As you focus on being productive today, the universe aligns with your efforts, promoting efficiency and success in your endeavors.

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Daily Affirmation

I am guided by my intuition and make choices that align with my soul's purpose.

Gemini's discussion

The best horoscope, super motivating. I will read everyday.

> Carmen 1 year ago


Secret person 1 year ago

Hola Carmen, let's check your horoscope

> Secret person 1 year ago

I've my boards after two months Will this be possible for me to score very well marks if i really hard work within this two months??

> Raechal 3 years ago

Anything is possible, I wish you will have luck ;)

Leo 3 years ago

Raechal, Gemins are hardworking and very clever. They are often found in film and TV because they are confident and creative and love to dress up. They work best when they are happy and appreciated in a job that makes a difference.

> Great Zodiac 3 years ago

Hii can you please tell me about my future career!?

> Raechal 3 years ago

Hi Afriqana, your future is only indicated by the stars as a guiding light, so it needs a longer timespan to assess, a daily horoscope can only help you to get the best outcome from the issues that the stars lay out. There is a monthly and a yearly horoscope in the menu above and that gives you your future.

> Great Zodiac 3 years ago

What about my future

> Afriqana 3 years ago

Hi, good morning to all of you. I am just going to smile all day as the horoscope said --<-@

> Melania 3 years ago

Can't wait for tomorrow's horoscope, it's much better

> Dylan 3 years ago

I agree Stefania ;)

3 years ago

Did you know?

Deer kill an average of 130 people a year, cows 22, ants 30, hippos 2,900, horses 20 and sharks just 5. But who runs away from a cow?

Gemini daily horoscope
Gemini daily horoscope

Puzzle of the day


A man is caught on the Queen's property. He is brought before the Queen to be punished. The Queen says, “You must tell me something. If it is true, you will be killed by lions. If it is false, you will be killed by trampling of oxen. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll have to let you go.” Sure enough, the man was released. What was the man’s statement?

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“I will be killed by trampling of oxen.” This stumped the Quenn because if it’s true, he’ll be killed by lions, which would render the statement not true. If it’s a lie, he’d be killed by oxen, which would make it a truth. Since the Queen could not figure out if the man was telling the truth or lying she had to release him.

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