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Cancer Daily Horoscope for Today

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Jun 21 - Jul 22


Cancer: Today brings an opportunity to address uncomfortable inquiries with honesty and openness. Embrace the courage to ask probing questions of others, even those you may feel hesitant to broach. Likewise, make sure to inquire about matters that have been weighing on your mind. However, be cautious not to be overwhelmed or coerced. If you find yourself feeling bullied or unequipped, seek guidance from knowledgeable professionals. It's crucial to handle these discussions without compromising your strength or resorting to dishonesty. In matters of love, anticipate positive developments or exciting encounters, while at work, focus on your tasks with determination and ambition. Trust your instincts and remain steadfast in your pursuit of truth.

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Daily Affirmation

I am open to receiving miracles and unexpected blessings today.

Cancer's discussion

I know the world has a purpose for me. Is that purpose "studying" while I can't go out.

> Ingrid 3 years ago

I am going to Miami beach soooon :-**

> Lea 3 years ago

Did you know?

The shortest commercial flight route in the world takes just 47 seconds and brings people in Scotland from the island of Westray to the other island of Papa Westray.

Cancer daily horoscope
Cancer daily horoscope

Puzzle of the day


A man is caught on the Queen's property. He is brought before the Queen to be punished. The Queen says, “You must tell me something. If it is true, you will be killed by lions. If it is false, you will be killed by trampling of oxen. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll have to let you go.” Sure enough, the man was released. What was the man’s statement?

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“I will be killed by trampling of oxen.” This stumped the Quenn because if it’s true, he’ll be killed by lions, which would render the statement not true. If it’s a lie, he’d be killed by oxen, which would make it a truth. Since the Queen could not figure out if the man was telling the truth or lying she had to release him.

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