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Dec 22 - Jan 19


Capricorn: Immerse yourself in a day enriched by cosmic encouragement for exploration and self-improvement. The celestial bodies spark your curiosity, pushing you to step outside the familiar confines. Creativity is magnified today, so let your unique talents take center stage. In your relationships, strive for deeper understanding and connections, facilitated by honest communication and active listening. In the realm of your professional life, the universe fortifies your ambitions. The celestial energies are perfectly aligned to support bold initiatives, promising to steer your career towards success. The cosmos also signal a positive shift in your financial landscape, prompting you to optimize your resources and explore fresh opportunities. Self-care is emphasized as the universe underscores the significance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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Daily Affirmation

I release all fears and doubts, stepping into my personal power.

Capricorn's discussion

I am a person of such a big heart understanding,enthusiasm,and willingness to help the needy clientele in the office

> Lanie 2 years ago


2 years ago

Moola, that is a really positive step and I wish you well.

> Chrissy 2 years ago

quiting substance

> moola 2 years ago

"the first step to a brighter, happier, future" I believe this is the best horoscope I have read this year!

> Kimaya 2 years ago

Life hack

Thinking correctly means that, in your own head, you have to be (at least) two people at the same time. We have to be allowed to enter into an open-ended dialogue in which they contradict each other. This will inevitably lead to conflicts that have to be solved. Since most people cannot think that way well, they need to talk to someone else. To do this, they need someone who listens to them. The listening person ensures that the speaker can talk openly to them. Then the listner must give open and honest feedback.

Capricorn daily horoscope
Capricorn daily horoscope

Puzzle of the day


Three doctors said that Billy was their brother. Billy says he has no brothers. How many brothers does Billy reall have?

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None. He has three sisters.

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