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Apr 20 - May 20


Taurus: Travel is more than just exploring new destinations; it's about experiencing different cultures and stepping out of your comfort zone. Today's universal energy inspires you to embrace the idea of travel, to plan for future journeys, and to imbibe the lessons each trip offers. Are you stuck in the routine or are you ready to venture out? This is the day to start planning your next trip, explore new destinations, and anticipate the enriching experiences ahead. Remember, travel expands your horizons and stimulates growth. As you plan your travels today, remember that each journey enriches your life story. Let the universe guide your travel plans, promising exciting adventures and profound learning experiences.

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Daily Affirmation

I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me every day.

Taurus's discussion

Hi boys, are you there?

> A girl 1 year ago

Priyanka what do you mean by “about life”? :)

3 years ago

About life

> Priyanka 3 years ago


> Jen 3 years ago

About study life

> Barsha 3 years ago


> Vivek 3 years ago

Beautiful sunflower, I love today's Saturday photo!

> Amor 3 years ago

I did excercise today :) Who else?

3 years ago

Life hack

The most accurate explantation of what happiness is that it is Hope. We expect happiness to be found in the achievement, the arrival, but in fact it is to be found in the journey. Happiness is not to be found in the fleeting satisfaction one experiences when one has reached the summit. Happiness is found in the idea, the planning, the team, the effort, the hard work, despite the nights of doubt and hardship, it is the climb that makes us happy.

Taurus daily horoscope
Taurus daily horoscope

Puzzle of the day


A man is caught on the Queen's property. He is brought before the Queen to be punished. The Queen says, “You must tell me something. If it is true, you will be killed by lions. If it is false, you will be killed by trampling of oxen. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll have to let you go.” Sure enough, the man was released. What was the man’s statement?

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“I will be killed by trampling of oxen.” This stumped the Quenn because if it’s true, he’ll be killed by lions, which would render the statement not true. If it’s a lie, he’d be killed by oxen, which would make it a truth. Since the Queen could not figure out if the man was telling the truth or lying she had to release him.

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