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Cancer personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Cancer

Cancer dates: (21 June – 22 July)

Traits of the Cancer Woman Traits of the Cancer Man

Cancer music: Cancer, by Joe Jackson

With a Caribbean beat this song perfectly represents the warmth of the Cancer soul.

Cancers are so very sensitive that they hide behind a hard skin to seem tougher than they actually are. Often seen as reserved, even cold. Nothing is further from the truth because Cancers have an extremely gentle nature and are compassionate and empathic. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and are blessed with maternal energy. They are comforting and comfortable. They love warm cosy spaces, They seek sanctuary. The typical cancer is highly perceptive and can read rooms and people easily.

Although Cancers avoid confrontation, it is truly abhorrent to them. If directly challenged they can, and will, protect themselves by either attacking their challenger, or by being passive-aggressive. Once won over to a person, an institution, or a cause, Cancers will then be loyal and trustful for life.

Cancer personality traits

  • imaginative
  • considerate
  • over-but sensitive

The Cancer parent

Cancers are extremely caring about their children and willingly take on the role of caregiver. Cancer mothers or fathers practice attentive nurturing and want to micromanage every aspect of their child's life. They are very security conscious. Home loving, nest building, domestically orientated, they make cosy safe spaces for their families.

The Cancer friendship

Although harder to get to know than the other start signs, Cancers attract people due to their loyalty and commitment. The cancer love of home making extends to socialising and entertaining. The food and wine will flow, they are excellent hosts. Cancers are much more comfortable in their own, or close friends homes, not for the bustle of the outside world.

The Cancer lover

The Cancer lover is a withdrawn beast until they get to know you. Only when completely comfortable with another person will the typical Cancer emerge from their shell. And for love to flourish they have to have complete trust in their partner. But wow they are worth the wait. Very affectionate, the Cancer lover likes to hold hands and snuggle up.

The sun signs compatible with Cancer

Scorpio and Pisces are ideal for Cancers because they all three share a similar level of intuition and sensitivity. Capricorn admire the qualities that Cancer has and make ideal partners. The other sun signs will appreciate the Cancerian honesty and straightforward conflict resolution. Cancer works hard to build an unbreakable bond, and that is attractive to all sun signs.

Cancer – not for the reckless

Cancer horoscope
Cancer personality traits and characteristics
Cancer personality traits and characteristics