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Personality traits of the Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are very confident, they know exactly what is right and wrong, and they stick by the rules to the end. They are also very protective and will do anything to look after the best interests of their partner, family and friends. They do not seek confrontation, but if challenged they will confront others, in order to defend either themselves, or people close to them.

Scorpio men are very genuine and sincere. They judge people and situations well, and can easily detect superficial, or fake people. Scorpio males are very interesting people who capture the attention of others.

They make great Fathers, as they will always ensure that their children are protected and are given the best chance possible to help them achieve the most from their lives. Scorpio men are encouraging and they take their children's education very seriously as they want them to do well. Sometimes, they set their standards a little too high which can place hefty demands upon their children. Perhaps, they should consider lowering their expectations of others slightly, or to at least conceal them.

Scorpio men are usually upbeat and positive, they have fantastic senses of humour. Scorpios can also be strong willed as they take the actions of the world very seriously and they can battle with feelings of disappointment, because they quickly feel let down. Scorpio men can be quite secretive and will often keep their worries to themselves.

The Scorpio man is the most committed and faithful males in the whole zodiac. He is very intimate and likes to connect with his partner on a much deeper level than usual. Men belonging to this sign look for certain qualities in their love match such as trust, understanding and security. He takes commitment seriously and expects his partner to feel the same way. They are sensitive individuals and the harsh words of others can leave them feeling wounded for a long time. They are one of the most committed signs and also, one of the best at maintaining lost-lasting, successful relationships, with many leading to marriage. They enjoy having a family of their own to love and protect.

Scorpio males have a lot of excess physical and mental energy which they should channel in a positive way, such as participating in team sports. They are competitive, and love the banter and sense of well-being, that team sports can bring. When they grow older, Scorpios really develop a great eye for detail, therefore, making them particularly good at hobbies including golf, tennis, and fishing. It is important for them to take some exercise, to positively assist their health and lifestyle. o Scorpio men are very dependable, loving and caring.

Scorpio men are extremely hard working and very involved with their jobs. This is great for them, as it means that they maintain interest and rarely become bored of their work. They need a career which suits them well and requires the use of their skills. These men are very talented, they are great organizers, creators, investigators, analysers, leaders and speakers. Therefore, with so many qualities, the world really is their oyster when it comes to finding a suitable career path.

To summarise the characteristics and personality traits of a true Scorpio man, it would be fair to say that he is appealing in many ways as he is passionate, dependable, honest, trustworthy, funny, witty, reliable, loving, caring, charming, and protective. It is important to remember that a Scorpio man can feel jealousy and sometimes become a little possessive!

Single Scorpio males share very high levels of compatibility with other signs of the zodiac especially Cancer, Leo, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces. These particular astrological signs of the zodiac can win the hearts of single Scorpio men and bring make a true power couple.

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Personality traits of the Scorpio Man
Personality traits of the Scorpio Man