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Virgo personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Virgo

Virgo dates: (23 August – 22 September)

Traits of the Virgo Woman Traits of the Virgo Man

Virgo music: Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast, by The Flaming Lips

This song, includes a contribution from German mathematician Dr. Thorsten Wörmann, and perfectly reflects the depth of the virgo soul.

The most grounded of the Earth signs, represented by the goddess of farming and agriculture. Virgos are perfectionist and logical. They work hard to improve their skills through eduction and training. They are at home in the world of barter and commerce. Hard working and confident they enable others to excel and prosper.

Attention to detail is the Virgo hallmark. The typical Virgo takes detail and transforms this information into organised and clear concepts. Constantly reaching to better themselves with an analytical nature, they chase after the ideal.

Virgo personality traits

  • perfectionist
  • groomed
  • but picky

The Virgo parent

Virgo mothers and fathers can be over demanding about their children's academic performance. They want their children to be as intellectually challenged as they would have loved to have been, when they were a child. Apart from this emphasis on education Virgos are loving, kind, and supportive parents, who will do all in power to solve their offspring's problems.

The Virgo friendship

No other friend wants to aid and assist their friends as much as a Virgo. Yes, they see imperfection in a friend as a flaw, but they will still love their friends, even while trying to remove the flaw. No other sun sign will offer as much practical assistance as a Virgo. Keep them close to your heart. Because they deserve to be treasured

The Virgo lover

One would assume that like the sun sign Virgo is virginal and prudish, but in fact they are attentive and affectionate partners. They relish wit and humour in a love object, and intelligent conversation is essential to them. Virgo loves to send, and receive, romantic texts and emails. To feel loved a Virgo needs to feel safe and secure.

The sun signs compatible with Virgo

Virgo feels most comfortable with fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. Pisces, being the opposite sun sign is a terrific match because both signs adore being helpful and healing others. There is no sun sign that cannot match with Virgo, because they bring a spontaneous approach to life that Virgo benefits from.

Virgo – not for the slapdash.

Virgo horoscope
Virgo personality traits and characteristics
Virgo personality traits and characteristics