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Capricorn personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Capricorn

Capricorn dates: (22 December – 19 January)

Traits of the Capricorn Woman Traits of the Capricorn Man

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The determined Capricorn can overcome all hurdles and obstacles. It is not that they are stubborn, it is that they have fortitude and stamina. They will achieve their goals no matter what it takes. Because of this some people see Capricorn as cold and ambitious but in fact Capricorn are compassionate and caring. An interesting fact about Capricorn is that they become more youthful and optimistic as they age.

Capricorns work hard to build safety and security into their, and those they love, lives. They have a fastidious attitude to life. They can become easily irritated by others being flippant about what they hold dear.

Capricorn personality traits

  • persevering
  • practical
  • but solitary

The Capricorn parent

The Capricorn mother or father is an attentive parent who cares deeply about their offspring's health and well being. They are busy parents, working hard for their children's future. They can be demanding of good schoolwork and good manners. As the kids enter the teenager years Capricorns become great friends to their children, playful and entertaining.

The Capricorn friendship

To many people Capricorns are seen as conservative, reserved, and restrained. But wow, when they know you well, when you become a friend, you will see the go-getter, the extrovert, the party animal emerge. It is true that they expect their friends to have the same workaholic attitudes as themselves, which does mean that they tend to befriend other high achievers.

The Capricorn lover

Capricorn see their lovers as their life partner, with emphasis on partner. They seek success both in life and in work, and the lines between both can blur. Involving loved ones in commercial and work related projects, and deferring pleasure until the last T has been crossed, and the last I dotted. They are committed lovers and loyalty is highly prized by them.

The sun signs compatible with Capricorn

Like minded Taurus and Virgo admire your focus and dedication. Cancer is a great match because both share the same attitude to romance and building a safe domestic environment. When wanting to partner with other signs Capricorn needs to remember that mutual respect needs to be built and maintained.

Capricorn – not for the lazy.

Capricorn horoscope
Capricorn personality traits and characteristics
Capricorn personality traits and characteristics