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Aquarius personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Aquarius

Aquarius dates: (20 January – 18 February)

Traits of the Aquarius Woman Traits of the Aquarius Man

Aquarius music: Aquarius - Let the Sunshine In, by The Fifth Dimension

The ultimate classic horoscope song, and fittingly it is Aquarius 'minds true liberation'.

How can a sun sign with water in the title be an air sign? This is not the only conundrum. Ruled by Uranus, therefore by innovation, novelty, and technology, the Aquarian is a free thinker, a rebel with a cause, a revolutionary. The typical Aquarian is seen as eccentric, and always questions authority. Up beat style, unusual hobbies, Aquarians certainly do not conform.

High level thinking and an egalitarian mind set inspire others, and thereby improves society. But perhaps Aquarius pays more attention to the outside world than to their nearest and dearest. Aquarius is the most high-minded of all the sun signs.

Aquarius personality traits

  • smart
  • liberal
  • but moody

The Aquarius parent

Sometimes the Aquarius mother or father is so fixated on their wishing to change the world that they can seem to neglect family duties. But their children adore them and join in their wishing to improve the world. And as the children grow into the age of reason they are their parents staunchest allies.

The Aquarius friendship

To be a friend with an Aquarian you will need to be part of a team, one of a community of like minded people bringing about change. Otherwise the famed Aquarius stubbornness can quickly nip any growing friendship in the bud. When the hoped for change become inevitable you will see the more expansive and warm side to the Aquarian heart.

The Aquarius lover

If you want to win the hearty of an Aquarius do not try to rein in them in. Freedom is the most important thing to Aquarius, they need time and space to form ideas and plan strategies. Any challenge will be seen as an attempt to control them. Let your inner BoHo flow and and get low down and freaky, that is what will win, and keep, an Aquarian.

The sun signs compatible with Aquarius

Sun signs Gemini and Libra appreciate and admire the Aquarius energy and can do attitude. The Leo combination is surprising powerful, Leo as the king, and Aquarius as the army, can lead to speedy change. Other sun sign relationships will only work if Aquarius can be tolerant of different opinions.

Aquarius – not for the conservative.

Aquarius horoscope
Aquarius personality traits and characteristics
Aquarius personality traits and characteristics