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Pisces personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Pisces

Pisces dates: (19 February – 20 March)

Traits of the Pisces Woman Traits of the Pisces Man

Pisces music: Pisces fish, by George Harrison

George Harrison was born on 25 February, so he too is a Pisces. Cool sun sign!

Pisces is the last sun sign in the zodiac, ruled by Neptune so obviously a water sign, the Piscean is the epitome creativity and dreams. Pisces is the most caring, empathic, and compassionate of the whole astrological wheel. Overly optimistic Pisces can be seen as fantasists, always ready to avoid confrontation and wilfully ignoring obvious truths.

Known for their sweet dispositions, Pisceans have and enchanting sense of creativity and a powerful clairvoyance. Their acute ability to pick up non-verbal clues can make them appear clairvoyant. Open minded and easy going in relationships. Pisces are quickly wounded by more assertive people and thus they tend to avoid fast talking types. But in fact Pieces are over sensitive in this area and need to look for intent to hurt, before feeling hurt.

Pisces personality traits

  • romantic
  • generous
  • but sentimental

The Pisces parent

No other sun sign parent is as kind and as gentle as Pisces. They encourage creativity and and artistic pursuits in their offspring. The Pisces mother or father will spend many hours playing make believe and telling stories. Music and singing will be a major part of their child rearing methods.

The Pisces friendship

Friendship with a Piscean will come through a shared love of music or some other creative endeavour. Pisces is the most emotionally elusive of the sun signs, not that they are distant, far from it, but they work on a different level, one of spiritual exploration, dreams, illusions. and boundless imaginations.

The Pisces lover

For the Piscean, love is the intertwining of two beautiful souls. They yearn for a deeply psychic emotional bonding that will lead to a transcendent experience that will last a lifetime. The typical Pisces is searching for a unique love, an interweaving of psyches. Romancing a Pisces is a magical endeavour, but will be worth it. The love bond will not break.

The sun signs compatible with Pisces

Scorpios and Cancers are fantastic matches for Pisces, emotionally rewarding for both parties. Virgo makes a pleasing combination because their generosity and kindness support each other. If partnered with other sun signs Pisces needs to learn to be thicker skinned, and not take perceived slights to heart.

Pisces – not for the hard-hearted.

Pisces horoscope
Pisces personality traits and characteristics
Pisces personality traits and characteristics