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Taurus personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Taurus

Taurus dates: (20 April – 20 May)

Traits of the Taurus Woman Traits of the Taurus Man

Taurus music: Taurus, by Spirit

Classical music combined with Rock make for a stairway to heaven homage. Fitting for the spiritual Taurean.

The first earth sign in the zodiac calendar, Taureans enjoy the nicer things in life, the softer things. Governed by Venus, the goddess of love, the Taurus adore the sensual and the luxurious. When not luxuriating and being pampered the Taurean rolls up their sleeves and always puts in a good days work. This sun sign is famous for knowing the value of cash, and with their ability to earn money, it is no surprise that Wall Street is represented by a bull.

Both homebuilding and home loving, home as sanctuary, the typical Taurus makes this sanctuary a place of comfortable opulence. Nothing minimalistic about their preferences. Take a seat, and relax. Taurus represents a loyal and protective nature. And a threat to them, or those they love, is taken very seriously. Dedicated and steadfast, these traits can appear to some to be mere stubbornness. And it is true that Taurus do tend to stay in non-productive activities longer than they but should.

Taurus personality traits

  • dependable
  • conscientious
  • but dull

The Taurus parent

When a parent the Taurus mother or father is very loving, soothing, and comforting. Children will be cocooned in warm arms and soft beds. It is important to Taureans that their family life is secure and protected. They are extremely fond of their children and allow them to develop in a supportive and non judgemental environment.

The Taurus friendship

You will always know you are with a Taurus, steadfast, reliable, loyal, protective, and yes, a bit stubborn. They like their regular restaurants, usual clubs, standard activities, and are wary of change. 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' could well be their friendship motto.

The Taurus lover

There is nothing short lived about the Taurus approach to love, they are in it for the long haul. There is no sun sign more loving and dependable than Taurus, and lucky is the person who receives their attention because their devotion and utter trustworthiness. The Taurus lover likes cuddles and massages, and long lie ins.

The sun signs compatible with Taurus

The hard-working Capricorn is an excellent foil for the Taurus both have the ability to do some serious earning. And Virgos are a sign that aligns itself nicely to Taurus. Scorpios can work well with Taurus because of their ability to bring about change. All other signs will work well with Taurus but will require a lot of patience, flexibility, and compromise.

Taurus – not for the austere.

Taurus horoscope
Taurus personality traits and characteristics
Taurus personality traits and characteristics