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Sagittarius personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius dates: (22 November – 21 December)

Traits of the Sagittarius Woman Traits of the Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius music: Sagittarius, by Angelyn and Blind Innocence

Sagittarius is the first Single release off of Angelyn & Blind Innocence's Debut Album, "Little Girl", every Sagitterian needs an angel.

The last fire sign in the zodiac, and the most desiring of knowledge and travel. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the god of growth, abundance, and spirituality, no wonder Sagittarius likes to wander the world. Born story tellers they liven conversation with their wit and humour. Yes, they can be blunt, but this is just to shorten the journey to understanding. Detractors may think they are arrogant, but they are simply confident.

Sagittarius, whose symbol is the archer, is always ready for an adventure of one kind or another. Natural scholars, academic, philosopher, or even explorer. Hard to track down, pin down, or keep down, Sagittarius is a wanderer.

Sagittarius personality traits

  • free spirit
  • lively
  • but impetuous

The Sagittarius parent

The Sagittarius mother or father takes their children with them wherever they go, and they will go far. Children will be enthralled with theatrical nature of the storytelling, and the effortless laughter that will accompany them. The Sagittarians children are their friends in the journey of life, their needs are seen as equal.

The Sagittarius friendship

Sagittarius gain friends easily because they are so very amusing. Puns, jokes, reminiscences, all pour forth with no effort. They typical Sagittarius loves an audience, and as they travel around they quickly acquire a new adoring group around them. They have little concept of shyness, and this can irritate some, but impresses most of those they meet.

The Sagittarius lover

Sagittarius needs a partner in life, a copilot, someone who will go shotgun with them. They love the freedom to roam and can resent boundaries, and any attempts to control them. So if you are thinking of latching up with a Sagittarius then make sure your passport is up date, you have your shots, and go for the ride.

The sun signs compatible with Sagittarius

Like minded Leo and Aries keep the home fires burning and lead to creative and explosive relationships. Gemini is also a great match because they too believe in living life to the full. With other sun sign Sagittarius needs to avoid hurt feelings of partners, because Sagittarius can be perceived as being blunt.

Sagittarius – not for the timid.

Sagittarius horoscope
Sagittarius personality traits and characteristics
Sagittarius personality traits and characteristics