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Libra personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Libra

Libra dates: (23 September – 22 October)

Traits of the Libra Woman Traits of the Libra Man

Libra music: Life on Venus, by The Tornados

Venus is the ruling planet of Libras. This song was intended to be a tribute to the music of it's time, just a Libra is the sun sign most in tune with the zeitgeist of the present.

As proven by their representation of a set of scales, the Libra is all about balance and harmony. This makes the Libra the artist and designer of the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love the elegant Libra surrounds themselves with objects of desire and high end art, they are famed for their good taste.

Being natural aesthetes the Libra traits of attention to detail can lead others to perceive Libra as being vain. And the flirty can appear to be flighty. But Libra can work a room like no other sun sign and are extremely sociable and completely but charming.

Libra personality traits

  • fair
  • charming
  • but nervous

The Libra parent

The Libra parent wants to provide the perfect surroundings for child rearing. They love reasoned discussions and display a great deal of affection. They are exceptionally good with their children's friends, including them in home life and in outings.

The Libra friendship

The typical Libra finds friends easily and keeps them forever. As Libra will always try to make everyone happy this can mean that friends feel jealous of the other friends. Libras try to attract the attention and affection of all they meet. And being so emotionally attractive they usually suceed.

The Libra lover

The suave Libra need a lot of loving attention, but is prepared to give as good as they get. The Libra love of balance means they can feel left out and neglected if not regularly given adoring compliments. They will surround the object of their love with style. Conflicts are avoided by Libra using their famed charm to resolve any situation.

The sun signs compatible with Libra

The flirty nature of Libra matches well with Gemini and Aquarius, it will be a mutual admiration society. Aries makes for an interesting interweaving, perfect counterbalance. Libra can match with any of the sun signs if they pay attention to the need to pay extra attention to their partner when in public.

Libra – not for the reserved.

Libra horoscope
Libra personality traits and characteristics
Libra personality traits and characteristics