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Leo personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Leo

Leo dates: (23 July – 22 August)

Traits of the Leo Woman Traits of the Leo Man

Leo music: Kind and Lionheart, by Of Monsters and Men

A folk pop blend of power and warmth, ideal music to represent the royal Leo.

Vivacious, passionate, theatrical, Leo demands the limelight. Represented by the lion, and like it's namesake they are king and queen of the zodiac jungle, and they love their royal status. Natural leaders, they see themselves as celebrities and bask in the limelight. Leo is ruled by the sun, the always present sun. And like the sun the Leo is loyal, faithful, and consistent.

The Leo is renowned for their bravery because they have physical, mental, and emotional strength. The typical Leo is an optimist who refuses to accept failure. This fortitude only increases with age, as the Leo matures they become even more imposing.

It is likely that Leo's lives are full of drama, even their romances start, and end, as if by a diva, in a soap opera. Leo never tires of the good life, parties, dinners, holidays. The Leo need for attention is all consuming but in their favour they are generous and caring participants in life, and warm any room they enter.

Leo personality traits

  • enthusiastic
  • warm
  • but proud

The Leo parent

The Leo mother or father will think nothing of waking a child at midnight because the snow is now heavy and there is a snowman to build. They are adventurous parents, and enjoy hiking, skiing, and surfing with their children. Often over protective when it comes to their offspring being bullied, or perceived slights from teachers.

The Leo friendship

The Leo hardly needs to cultivate friendships, because people always bask in the warmth of their presence. Leo loves seeing their friends succeed, and help their friends in every conceivable way. They know that the immensity of their light is never eclipsed by their friends achievements, because the Leo knows that they helped bring it about.

The Leo lover

If you want to get your Leo you must entice them. The typical Leo is more turned on by being desired than by anything else. They demand adoration, and need romantic gestures. Rituals and anniversaries must always be acknowledged. They are extremely loyal and faithful and expect fidelity in return. They will savage anyone who betrays them.

The sun signs compatible with Leo

Leo works well with Aries and Sagittarius, all share a magnetic charisma and understand the Leo warmth. Aquarius pairs well with Leo because they balance each other out, and both admire the other's qualities. Taurus and Scorpio feel challenged by the ostentatious Leo displays, but Leo adores the traits they both have, so is prepared to be sensitive to their needs. Any sun sign that loves a Leo will have a happy partnership if they want to love, and be be but loved.

Leo – not for the half hearted.

Leo horoscope
Leo personality traits and characteristics
Leo personality traits and characteristics