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Gemini personality traits and characteristics

Sun sign Gemini

Gemini dates: (May21 – June 20)

Traits of the Gemini Woman Traits of the Gemini Man

Gemini music: Gemini, by Alabama Shakes

Profound music with a heavenly beat, perfect for the deep thinking Gemini.

The playful sun sign, intellectual curious, and passionate. The Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac. Open minded and fearless, Geminis rarely have a hidden agenda, they are certainly not two-faced despite the old Gemini reputation for duplicity. The famous Gemini quick wit and ability to talk anybody into anything keeps them busy, and popular. Governed by Mercury, the planetary messenger, the typical Gemini displays their feelings and emotions openly. The Gemini loves the novel, the intriguing, and has a very short attention span.

Often thoughtless in speech, the Gemini never intends to hurt or even cause an argument, but they are just so talkative that things simply slip out. Luckily the famed Gemini ability to recover from any embarrassment helps them avoid being challenged on their words, or on their actions. Their quick wit will always save them.

Gemini personality traits

  • fast thinking
  • cheerful
  • but flighty

The Gemini parent

The Gemini mother or father will ceaselessly entertain their offspring. Their children's lives will be a whirl of dance classes, cinema visits, long walks, and park visits. Gemini parents talk to their children as if they were adults, and their kids appreciate this open ended discussion on any and every topic.

The Gemini friendship

If it is lots of little adventures, vivacious intellectual pursuits, and fun filled outings then Gemini is the sign to search for. Geminis make for an incredibly creative and diversion seeking friendship. Geminis are very popular and have several friendship groups that they flit in and out of.

The Gemini lover

The constant exhilaration of having a Gemini lover is breathtaking. Geminis are party loving, social animals, and adore constant amusement and stimulation. Expect love letters, emails, and texts galore. They are affectionate, witty, and high energy entertainment. But keep a watchful eye out, because Geminis can be flirty, and flighty.

The sun signs compatible with Gemini

For Geminis the attraction of opposites is the most successful. Sagittarius and Gemini makes for a power coupling. Both Aquarius and Libra appreciate the wit and intelligence of Gemini. The other sun signs need to help slow down the flightiness of the butterfly like nature of Gemini. Love is all about understanding your partners needs.

Gemini – not for the jealous.

Gemini horoscope
Gemini personality traits and characteristics
Gemini personality traits and characteristics